November Loves

I'm sure these kinds of posts always start with a cliche, at least mine do, but seriously how bloomin' fast has November gone?! I'm certain time seems to go so much faster the more I have to get done. I can't quite believe that I'm coming to the end of my first semester of third year. Over the past month and a bit I've got quite the selection of things I've been loving, with a mix of minimal makeup, cosy scents and even a TV show.

The Porridge Post

Whether we like it or not, wintry weather is well and truly upon us. For me, winter mornings mean starting the day with porridge. As a child, I loved having porridge and getting as much golden syrup on a spoon as humanly possible. It was probably more golden syrup with porridge rather than the other way round. Now I still love a bit of sweetness to my porridge, but I avoid sickly sweet syrup in favour of some sweet and fruity recipes. I'm sharing my top three porridge recipes and toppings, all of which have dessert inspirations and are perfect ways to start a wintry day.

Autumnal Pampering

Now that the evenings are darker and air is chillier, it's the perfect time cosy pamper nights and giving yourself some TLC. Fairy lights and cosy blankets are obviously essentials.

5 Things I Love About Autumn

Yes, I'm another of those bloggers who loves autumn, I always have. There's just something about the cold but not too cold, and beautiful colours that I've loved forever. Whilst it's currently freezing outside and winter is definitely attempting to make an appearance, I'm clinging onto autumn like there's no tomorrow with my 5 favourite things about the season.

The Sunday Catch Up #4

It's been a while since I've posted a blog post, or really done anything to do with blogging, and I missed it. It feels good to be back to writing a blog post and planning content and I'm definitely looking forward to having a big ole' blog reading session. October was so full of uni bits for me that I barely had time to do anything but uni work, so now I'm ready for a catch up and bit more organisation.