Welcome :)

Well hello there *waves*, I guess I should introduce myself. I'm Emily, I'm currently 17 years old (although only until Tuesday) and I live in the East of England. I can't really say I'm new to blogging, I've tried it out before and I'm pretty much obsessed with tumblr, if you consider tumblr to be a blogging platform, but after reading Scarlett Curtis's blog, I've been inspired to start my own. Obviously this isn't going to be anything extraordinarily amazing, but I just like the idea of having somewhere to type my thoughts and also what I've been up to recently, as a little online journal for myself as I'm growing up and beginning to become more independent.

I have been recovering from depression and anxiety for the past two years, which has seemed like an impossible uphill task, although now I've come sort of accept it. The medication I'm taking has really helped me gain some control in my life, which has not only helped me regain confidence in actually doing things and leaving the house, but I also feel more motivated to follow my dreams and go to university.

I'm much more positive than I have been in what seems like forever, so please join me in this adventure of recovery, makeup, books, cooking and learning to love myself.

Catch ya later

Em x

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