Feeling Nostalgic

Tomorrow is my last day of school. Ever. I just have to then completely four exams and then it's the summer holidays for me, but never again do I have a lesson or have to be in school - unless I want to fail my exams and decide to not turn up for some random reason. But the fact I'm actually leaving school didn't really seem real until today.
We had our leavers assembly, and my heads of sixth form were really emotional and then I had my last ever lesson. It's strange to think that after spending five years at the same school I'm actually going to be leaving and moving on to the big wide world of university and jobs and paying bills and taxes. I may be 18, but part of inside still feels like a young teenager who needs to be guided through life for a little longer. Although at the same time, I cannot wait to leave, I'm so excited to be going to university as this is something that I have wanted to do forever and it makes me so happy that I have aims and goals to achieve and strive to achieve over the coming years.

It also feels strange to me that before I'd even left school, my middle school was pulled down. When I was younger, Suffolk still had middles schools as well as primary and high schools rather than just a two tier system. But now that's been implemented and my old school has been torn to the ground. Just in case you're interested in my educational 'career' so far has worked then in terms of what education I've done then it's the following; pre-school which I started when I was 2 and half, primary school which I started when I was 4, middle school which I started when I was 9, high school which I started when I was 13 and sixth form which I started when I was 16. My high school and sixth form are all run by the same school but they're on different sites so they feel separate despite being run by the same teachers.

I just can't believe that after so long in school I'm finally leaving. I'm nervous but exciting all at the same time because this is opening a whole new set of doors to me that I never thought I'd be able to even dream of achieving.

Hope you're all doing well, and good luck to those with exams coming up!

Em x

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