The Weekend Round Up #3 The Book Thief

So I like reading. A lot. However I generally tend to strongly dislike the film adaptations of the books. I find that they don't stay true to the book very well, and by the end of it I just want to yell at the directors 'read the book'. Despite this, I was ridiculously excited to watch The Book Thief. I know this came out a while ago and I'm a little slow on the uptake by only just watching it, but  honestly, I loved the film.

The Book Thief is one of my all time favourite books, it's the only book I've read of Markus Zusak's but I've been seriously on the look out for another of his books - his writing is just incredible.

I loved the film a huge amount, and I'm pretty sure that it will appeal to most people - going from the blurb on the book it's the last book I would have chose to read but some of my friends urged me to read it and I'm so pleased I did, because I honestly loved it to pieces. Read the book first though, although the film stays close to the book, I'm still a firm believer in reading the book first. Partly because I like being able to create my own versions of the characters in my head whilst I'm reading and then seeing how similar or dissimilar they were from the film characters.

That has basically been my weekend, I've been feeling rather rubbish, and I started the film of Saturday but then it got late and I was falling asleep so saved the rest until today. And my goodness it's a beautiful film - just like the book.

Read the book and watch the film and you'll fall in love with words

Em x

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