Em Takes On Croatia!

I haven't posted anything for ages and that's mainly because I've been to Croatia! Mainly Dubrovnik. Dubrovnik is absolutely beautiful, we stayed in a hotel which was right by the sea at Lapad Bay - which meant we had stunning views and were in such a good position for the beach.
A short walk away was a bus stop where we often caught the bus into the Old City of Dubrovnik, which was only about 10 minutes away. Again, the Old City was stunning. It was enclosed in the walls of the city, which meant that the temperature within the city was a few degrees hotter and stuffier! I loved that everything had been sort of kept the same - all of the buildings had terracotta roof tiles and a specific shade of dark green coloured window shutters. Even the pavements were beautiful, they were all polished limestone so it was really nice to walk on, and not one scrap of litter anywhere which I must say did surprise me a little because there was a lot of people smoking and so I expected to see more cigarette butts on the floor like I might see walking around cities nearish to where I live, but there none at all. Not even a piece of chewing gum that someone had dropped. this obviously added to the beauty of Dubrovnik, as did the fact that there aren't any cars allowed to actually drive through the centre of the old city of Dubrovnik - there were a couple of these special delivery bike thingys for the numerous restaurants and shops but apart from that everyone is just walking on foot.

100% recommend going!!

Em x

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