A New Me

When I was really badly depressed and anxious, I became obsessed with having long hair. It was like a security blanket that I often hid behind, and when I was walking though shopping centres or towns I would also hold a piece of hair in my hands to feel comforted. I decided that I wanted a change, and so yesterday I had my hair cut.
My dad said it wasn't too much of a drastic cut, but considering my hair went to my waist and now sits just below my collar bones with a side parting, layers and a fringe I'd say it's pretty different!

I'm in love with it, and I'm so happy that I took the plunge to try something totally different. It sounds so cheesy that a new haircut could change how I feel so much, but it honestly makes me feel like a different person, with a bit more confidence. 

That's all for now - here's to positivity!

Em x

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