2015 Catch Up

I know I know, it's been ages. Again. But this year I'm going to really try to update this blog more. I've given it a little make over, and I'm hoping that I'll find more to talk about. But first things first, it's time for a little tiny catch up. I know this was my last post and it can be slightly boring, but I'm hoping to have some more interesting posts to put up soon.

Obviously we've started a new year since I last posted, and I've actually made some new years resolutions. Which doesn't often happen, but I'm determined to stick to these ones.

1) Firstly I'm learning French. I wish I learnt more French at school, but in all honesty French was taught so badly at my high school and who needs to learn how to order the most pointless things ever but the important things, like directions?! Anyway, I'm using a website called babbel.com and honestly it's so good! The classes on there are really easy to understand and clear, which I find so helpful. Also because you can chose your level you don't feel out of your depth at all and can go over the same words and phrases time and time again.

2) Secondly get healthy. This must be a resolution I made every single year, and every single year I fail. But this year I'm determined! I've brought some workout clothes and have a group of friends who I workout with, and that it just the perfect combination. Working out with friends is so much more fun, because it just turns into a giggle whilst staying healthy. We like to follow along to workout videos on YouTube; there are some seriously good ones that really work you hard! At the moment I'm sticking to home workouts, but as I get more confident and healthier I'll start venturing out and investigating gyms and exercising in the park (when it's warmer).

I've decided to just focus on those two resolutions this year to see if I can actually keep them up, and so far so good. I hope to keep my self better maintained, just by doing small things like taking time to myself to have a nice face mask and just generally keep my body and appearance in better condition.
I'm determined to keep this blog going better as well, so I'm going to start blogging about more random things, as well things that have proved popular in previous posts like book reviews and personal hints and tips. Also let's not lie here, I'll probably also use this as a personal diary and have some serious rants when I'm having bad days.

That's all for now, hopefully I'll be back over the weekend - I'm thinking an easy recipe post...

Peace out

Em x

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