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A messy bun has become my go to hairstyle - whether I'm in a rush or I've got second day hair, a messy bun seems to solve all my hair related problems. Making a messy bun look a little different to make things more interesting is a bit of a challenge I must admit. But I love French plaiting the underside of my hair before putting it into a bun. It adds a little detail and when you know how to do it, it really doesn't take very long but still looks quite intricate.

I used a few products, but depending on your hair type you may not need to. I used some dry shampoo from Batiste, sea salt spray from Fudge Urban and a touch of hairspray from Toni and Guy. To secure the bun I used hair bands and hair grips, with a clear elastic for the plait which I find just makes things a little easier.

Firstly I sprayed the dry shampoo in the roots of my hair and the sea salt spray in the mid lengths of my hair. If you have natural texture to you hair you may not need to do this, but my hair is very straight and silky which can make it very flat and tricky to work with.

Next I flipped my head and hair upside down and French plaited the underneath until I reached the crown of my head. At first I found this really difficult, but it becomes easier once you get the hang of it. After reaching the crown I like to just continue the plait on normally for a little longer, simply because I found this to be more comfortable, and then I secured that with a clear elastic. This doesn't need to be done but it makes it so much easier!

Once that's done I flip my head up again and gather the rest of my hair and the plait into a messy bun just where the French plait stops, and secure it as needed with hair bands and grips before giving it a quick spritz of hairspray.

The French plait leading up into a messy bun is really easy way of just adding a little something to a regular hair style.

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