Charity Shop Book Haul

Whilst there is nothing nicer than opening a brand new book for the first time, I find it equally satisfying buying books from second hand sales and charity shops. Also with charity shops, I buy books that I may have otherwise overlooked shopping online. I've been searching through plenty of charity shops recently and thought I'd share a little book haul with you.

Weekend in Paris by Robyn Sisman:

I'm a bit obsessed with Paris, and not going to lie that's what drew my attention to this. It sounds like it'll be a fun easy read so perfect for summer holidays and lazy Sunday's. Reviews  seem to be quite mixed, some saying it's too 'fluffy' for their liking, however I must admit that the fluffy, chick lit, easy reads are a perfect escape for me and are just a generally fun read.

Bluestockings by Jane Robinson:

This is a factual book about the women for fought for higher education for women. I picked this up just because I thought it sounded like a good read, and it also sounds quite inspirational as I'm often guilty of taking my education for granted. I don't often read non-fiction books that aren't politically based, but I couldn't leave this in the shop, and it does sound like it'll be a really good read. When I looked up a few reviews without spoilers I'm so pleased I did get it, I think it'll be a book that I would've regretted not getting.

Breakfast at Darcy's by Ali McNamara:

Recently I've really enjoyed reading books about inheritance and how the characters deal with being thrown into new situations. This is one of those with a romantic twist to it, which is basically all of my book guilty pleasures mixed into one. Another easy, chick lit read, I'm sure I'll get through this pretty quickly especially on holiday. Looking at reviews they all look positive and a perfect book for someone who wants use reading as a form of escapism.

The Tennis Party by Madeleine Wickham:

I was drawn to this book because Madeleine Wickham also writes books under the pen name of Sophie Kinsella, and I absolutely adore those books. Again this just sounds like a fun summer time read. Because of the same reasons I also got Sleeping Arrangements, which also sounds like a book I'll fly through.

It's pretty clear that I like reading lots of chick lit and easy reads, especially in the summer when I have more time to read. I like to escape into books and I find that chick lit is the easiest genre in which to do that.

What are your favourite books, or books you've purchases recently?

Em x


  1. I love strolling through charity shops looking for books to read :) some fab picks!

    lillies and lipbalm