Friday Favourites #1

This essentially is just going to be five things that I have been loving over the past week. I may or may not do these every Friday - it all depends on what products I've been using and of course if any of the non-beauty related things have changed over the week.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream perfume:

I love this perfume. Is there much else I can say?! It's such a perfect light summer scent but still has a lasting power on my skin and clothes so it's brilliant to quickly spritz on in the morning. Also the packaging is just divine, that's a given with Marc Jacobs perfumes, but I seriously love the blue bottle and daisies on the cap.  The scent is fruity, floral and light, with a kind of sweetness from the fruitiness but it's nothing too strong and definitely not sickly sweet at all. It's just a gorgeously light summer scent that I've been wearing daily recently.

EcoTools Body Exfoliating Mitt:

This mitt exfoliates my body really nicely, but it's not too scratchy. It's made of bamboo, like most EcoTool products, which makes it feel soft yet it actually exfoliates. I have quite dry skin on my legs and this mitt combined with a really moisturising shower gel followed up with body butter is pretty much the only way for me to get smooth skin. I find that this works better than just using a scrub, although I wouldn't use it everyday, but a few times a week it's perfect for smoothing out my skin especially as it's starting to get a little warmer here in the UK.

Mint Infused Water: 

I love drinking water, but the addition of fresh mint leaves makes it even more refreshing, and it's good for you. Mint helps to aid digestion and having a few leaves in cold water is a nice change to mint tea if you're looking for cold drink. Mint is an antioxidant and can help to relieve hayfever allergies, as well as easing pains that are associated with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Lemon water works in a similar way, but mint water isn't bad for your teeth like the citrus acid from the lemons.

Summer at Little Beach Street Bakery by Jenny Colgan, Kindle edition:

This book is a lovely easy summery read, and has been wonderful to read on trains. Having the kindle edition means that it's easier for me to read outside as well, because I can change brightness and font size. If you like chick lit and easy reading, then this is a book I highly recommend. The first in the series Little Beach Street Bakery is equally good - perfect beach reads if you ask me!

New Look Tan and Gold Sandals:

I've had these for a few years, and whilst they look a little grubby, they are the most comfortable sandals I've been able to find. I like the simple criss-crossing of the straps and the tiny gold coloured studs just adds a touch more detail. I can be quite picky when it comes to buying sandals because I hate having anything between my toes, so a flip flop or anything like doesn't work for me. I'm on the look out for some new similar ones, but I feel quite attached to these old favourites!

What things have you been loving recently?

Em x


  1. My gran brought me a bottle of Daisy Dream home from her holiday in November and I've almost finished the bottle :( It is so nice!
    Love Hayley,
    Water Painted Dreams

    1. It's honestly my favourite perfume at the moment, I don't know what I'd do if I was almost at the end of the bottle! x