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Staying positive in a negative situation  can be difficult, but then again sometimes it's difficult to see the good things in average days.Trying our best to stay positive is good for a mental health, and also general well being, the happier you feel the more likely you are to perform better in what you're doing and do more socially stimulating activities.

Being positive is all about thought processes, and learning how to take a positive note from a negative situation. It all starts with you, and how you find it easiest to be positive is going to help you best, but here's an idea that I use all the time.


 A key thing is finding something that helps you. For some people this might be through art or music, but for me it's writing. I keep two journals, one for positive thoughts and one for negative thoughts. I try to take them with me as much as possible, to remind me that I need to be thinking the 'right' thoughts. I like to keep the two separate so that I can read through my positive journal and be reminded of good things that have happened to me.

The more negative journal is the 'in my humble opinion' journal from knock knock. It's a guided journal, and so it's perfect for just venting about annoying things, or things that have made you feel negative.  The more I write about these things, the less they tend to bother me.

On a lighter note, the positivity journal was actually given to me as a gift, and is so beautiful. However there are some notebooks that I also adore from Paperchase if you're looking for something along the same line. I try to find good things about most days, and my goal is to write down three good things that have happened in a day before I go to bed. Sometimes they're just silly things like I saw my best friend, but sometimes highlighting the good points of a day can really help me to think more positively when I'm down.

For me, writing is a way to get things out of my head and on to a page, be that negative things I don't want to think about or positive things that I want to remember.

I know some people find that routines help, or expressing their emotions through different art forms, but this is just what I find works best for me.

How do you like to keep yourself feeling positive?

Em x

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