Handbag Essentials

I'm sure we all have them, a selection of things that our handbags are incomplete without. These handbag essentials aren't things like my phone and keys, those are pretty key to anyone, but things that during the day I'll be pleased I remember to grab that morning.

Hand Sanitiser 

For me, a handbag isn't complete without hand sanitiser. Whether it's eating sticky foods, or after using a potentially dodgy public toilet, I'd be lost without hand sanitiser. My favourite is a delicious smelling one from The Body Shop, in satsuma - it smells so fresh and zesty.

Hand Cream

Sticking to the theme of hands, I love a good hand cream to use throughout the day, and the Soap and Glory Hand Food doesn't disappoint. Non-greasy but still moisturising, a delicious scent and in a handy handbag sized tube, what isn't there to like?!


I go through phases of having chewing gum and mints with me, in all honesty it depends if I've ventured out to stock up or not, but something that I think it equally useful are interdental cleaning brushes, the ones I have are from Wisdom. Kind of like flossing, but easier, you can brush round your teeth, and in between teeth to nab any pesky bits of food stuck and give your mouth a nice cleaner feeling - particularly essential if you're out for the whole day.


I always keep a couple of hair bands and hair grips with me, you never know when your hair just isn't going to cooperate! I really like using thin hair bands from Scunci and when it comes to hair grips I'm not too fussy, but I tend to go for Boots or Superdrug offerings.


Lip colour changes most days, but a lip products that virtually never leaves my bag is The Body Shop coconut lip butter. It softens my lips really nicely, but isn't thick and sticky, plus it smells of coconut so it's a no brainer for me!


For me, the easiest way to freshen up when I'm out is to use a little perfume. I always carry Benefit Ring My Bella with me because I love love love the scent! It's beautifully floral and kind of fruity, combining rose, peony, daisy with jasmine, and light musk, as well as others I'm sure! I have it in a handy 10ml size so it's perfect for carrying around with me.


I always carry a notepad and pen with me, useful for list making during the day, and noting any inspiration that may strike! At the moment I've just got a freebie notepad and a simple black biro from WHSmith. It doesn't have to be anything special but I find it so useful to have.

What are your handbag essentials?

Em x

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