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When you don't know how to deal with your feelings other than hurting yourself, it can feel like you're the one in control, after all you're making all the choices right? Wrong. It may feel like that at first, but it becomes an addiction that often spirals out of control until it feels like there is no alternative. I've come up with a list of 15 alternatives that have helped and continue to help me avoid harming myself, they are really good at controlling and letting go of emotions without hurting yourself.

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1. Squeeze ice cubes in your hands
2. Have a fight with a pillow - punching, screaming etc.
3. Rip old newspapers or magazines, or even junk mail, into shreds
4. Pop bubble wrap
5. Make a calm jar - add glitter and a few drops of glycerine to a jar of water and secure to lid on. Shake up the jar and watch it until the glitter settles again
6. Coat your hands in PVA glue and then peel it off when it's dry
7. Allow yourself to cry
8. Talk to someone; a family member, a friend, or even a hotline
9. Scribble as fast as you can
10. Buy a Wreck This Journal and do various activities in it when you feel like you want to self harm
11. Listen to loud music, scream or shout along too if you like
12. Draw on your body with washable pens
13. Set yourself the task of learning something new, such as a language or origami
14. Reward yourself, be it buying yourself a treat or having a pamper session
15. Make a scrapbook that you add to when you get the urge to self harm

This list is by no means extensive, but it gives a few ideas for safer alternatives. If you want to more information for yourself or someone you're worried about these websites are helpful: Childline, Get Connected , Mind, Have I Got A Problem?

Em x

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