Summer Time Polishes

I love painting my nails all year round, but I love the summer and changing between pastel and brighter colours.
Not forgetting that so many of my favourite nail colours looks really pretty with a tan, if you tan in the summer, or a slightly sunkissed look that is non existent in the winter time. These are a collection of my favourites that I go back to year after year, with a mixture of nudes, blues, pinks and purples there really is something for everyone's tastes I feel and I've tried to include a variety of brands so all budgets are covered!

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Lexington Gardens by Nails inc.

I was treated to this for my birthday by the Godmother, and it's such a beautiful colour and polish. I really like the consistency of these gel polishes, as they're not too think and gloopy when applying them but I've found that it lasted longer on my fingers than a normal nail polish. It's a gorgeous purple shade that I'm sure will suit lots of skin tones and goes with my summer wardrobe perfectly.

Lapiz of Luxury by Essie

This is my perfect summertime blue nail colour. I really like that it's a bright true blue, without being too 'loud' on your nails. It's a really nice holiday colour, and feels instantly summery when I paint my nails with it. I love the wide brush that Essie nail colours have, it makes application much quicker which is perfect for me because I'm such an impatient nail painter!

Naughty Nautical by Essie 

This gorgeous green colour is my go to polish for my toes. It goes with everything, and looks super cute peeping out of sandals of any colour. My feet are normally the only part of me that ever gets a tan, and this colour sets it off beautifully, even if it is only me who notices it! In the bottle is looks like the colour is full of glitter and shimmer but that really doesn't show at all, it's just a lovely glossy nail colour.

Full Steam Ahead by Essie

I'm a pastel lover through and through, so naturally I often gravitate towards this pretty purple offering. Despite being a pastel, the colour pay off is beautiful and has a good lasting power too. If you like pastel nails I highly recommend giving this one a go.

Lagoon by Mavala

I came to having this colour sort of by accident, it was a free gift with some purchases in John Lewis I believe that my Grandmother got, she wasn't keen on the colour and so kindly gave it to me. At first, a sea foamy blueish grey seems like an odd summer nail colour choice, but it's actually a perfect nude alternative if you want a neutral nail colour. It's a really lovely creamy consistency and lasts well on the nails.

Breakfast in Bed by Rita Ora for Rimmel 

Mint green is my favourite colour, and although this polish does tend to need 3 coats to get a streak free colour I think it's worth it! It's the nicest mint nail varnish I've tried, and believe me I've tried quite a fair few! It dried quickly and for me it's just the ultimate mint green nail colour for the summer.

Lose Your Lingerie by Rita Ora for Rimmel 

This offering is unlike colours that I've used before, fearing that the pale pink will just wash me out. But I was completely wrong, it looks quite classy on the nails and is a really easy kind of every day nail colour. As with the other Rimmel polish, it dries quite quickly but does require several coats for a strong colour, however thin but streak free colour also looks beautiful.

Pink Lemonade by Seventeen 

This shade is like a peachy coraly pink that's not too bright. I find this suits me a lot better, but it's still a brighter and more summery colour. On the back of the bottle it says that a single coat gives full colour, which I can't agree with as the consistency is quite thin and so it does take a little patience to get the desired colour, but it's a really nice colour that I always go back to in the summer months.

May by Chanel

I love Chanel nail polishes, the packaging is so stylish and the polishes are beautiful - a real treat! I got this for my sixteenth birthday and it was my first Chanel nail polish so it holds a special place in my heart any way, but I love love love the colour! It's just a beautiful pink colour, and admittedly I will wear this all year round I just love wearing it in the summer. It just makes me feel happy and whilst that might seem materialistic to some, I don't care in all honesty, I just love this colour for the summer.

Rose Cache by Chanel 

This polish I brought for my leavers ball at the end of sixth form last year. Whilst most of the other girls were going to salons to have their nails done professionally, I treated myself to this gorgeous colour and my mum painted my nails. It felt like such a special moment simply because when I was little my mum would paint my nails for me quite a lot, I feel like for the ball going to the salon would've been wasted on me. This is such a beautiful rosy nude colour, perfect for something a little more subtle in the summery months and I think it's perfect for more formal events, in fact this is my nail colour I've chosen for a wedding I'm going to this weekend. It just looks so sophisticated but the rosy undertones still make it feel a little more exciting than a true nude colour for me.

As you can see, I have quite a few nail polishes I love for the summer!! What are your favourites?

Em x

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