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I recently went on a family holiday to the French/Swiss Alps. We stayed in a French alpine village called Chatel, although literally a few metres behind us was the Swiss border and we spent time exploring local towns and villages both in France and Switzerland. It was such an amazing holiday, we'd been three times before as a friend has a chalet there and they kindly let us stay in it, and it was so nice to remember all the little things of holidays that get forgotten temporarily or unphotographed.

There's a very 'Swiss' feel to Chatel; really cute little ski style chalets are the only buildings about, everything is in the same style, and lots of lovely little shops - artisan food shops, souvenirs, restaurants, and even an artisan pottery which as the most beautiful edelweiss decorated china in. The scenery is just stunning, really picturesque and mountainous - so different to the calm countryside of Suffolk I'm used to!

We stayed in a chalet apartment to the right of the photograph above, which has stunning views of Lac Vonnes and the beautiful fountain.

Sunning mountain views in Chatel 

A favourite restaurant of ours in Chatel, Les Contrebandiers, always does this dinner jacket folding with the serviettes. When we were younger a waiter taught us how to do it, but I wasn't expecting them to still do that same thing five years later! 

View from the top a mountain in Morzine, France

View from mountain in Champery, Switzerland

Cute little street view in Evian, France  
View from Super Chatel, France 

Something we've always done when we go, is to get a cable car from Chatel up the mountains to Super Chatel. From here, you can walk through the mountains to Switzerland - which to me when I was 7 was just amazing!

It's so nice to go back to somewhere you feel you know on holiday, we do some of the same things that we love doing and some different things, but it's just wonderful to be able to be in a place and remember so many things about previous holidays.

Have you been on holiday this summer?

Em x

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