Oh Hi There

I feel like I haven't blogged for quite a while, but I kind of needed a little break to get back on track. I was thinking too critically about my blog and if people like it or not, and I sort of wound myself up to thinking that I wasn't good enough because I don't really understand code and I'm just using my iPhone camera for pictures. During my little break I realised that none of those things actually matter, and I need to focus more on just enjoying myself and making more friends through the blogging community. I changed my URL to make it seem less formal, to me there's something a little too formal about calling something I simply want to enjoy by my full name. I'm still going to be posting on Monday's and Friday's with the occasional Sunday post thrown in, but I don't want to blogging to turn into a chore. So what if I miss a day uploading a new post?  I want to make my blog something that I'm proud of, something I can enjoy and something other people can enjoy. So that's what I'm doing. changing things up a little to continue loving blogging.

More new posts to follow soon

Em x

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