Midweek Motivation

I actually don't mind Monday's, I like the start of a new week and planning what I've got to do that week. I find that I need the motivation on a Wednesday, when it's the middle of the week and the weekend seems like a distant memory. I've put together a few quotes, tips and ideas that help to motivate me until the weekend.


Enjoy working hard during the week, and reward yourself with a relaxing weekend. Especially no it's Autumn because who doesn't love being wrapped in a cosy blanket having a movie day?

Give yourself a midweek pamper. Have a relaxing bath with a favourite Lush bath bomb or a lovely scented bubble bath, a face mask and paint your nails. It's a lovely way of having some time to yourself in the middle of the week to keep you going until the weekend.

Arrange something for the weekend. A little girly shopping trip, or maybe a date night, or even just catching up with a few friends for coffee. Having something to look forward to definitely helps me get through the rest of the week.

Spread a little happiness with some random acts of kindness. These can be anything you like and are bound to make you and someone else feel happy during a busy week.

I've gathered a couple of my favourite quotes that always make me feel inspired and motivated.



 How do you like to keep yourself motivated?

Em x

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