Recipe | Fast Healthy Student Meal #1

I love food, if you follow me on Instagram you're probably aware of that! But as a student I love food that's quick and easy to prepare and cook but still delicious and healthy. I thought I'd start up a little mini series sharing some of my favourite meals that are budget friendly, healthy and fast. First in the series is gnocchi with pesto, spinach and baby tomatoes. It's filling, healthy and so easy to make and of course within a budget.

Gnocchi for me are a bit like pasta but not quite pasta as they're actually made from potato. Obviously you could just use pasta if you prefer but I like using gnocchi because it makes it a little something different from the stereotypical student diet of pasta and noodles.

You'll Need:

  • gnocchi - you could make your own if you like, but it's much easier to just buy a pack from the supermarket 
  • pesto - I use dairy free pesto as I can't eat dairy but obviously you can just use what you like 
  • spinach 
  • baby tomatoes - these are slightly sweeter than regular tomatoes but any can be used 
  • boiling water and a saucepan 
Mostly gnocchi comes in packs that say serve 2 so a potion size is easy to see, but all you do is add however much you want to eat to a pot of boiling water. Cooking it is so easy because it just take a few minutes and when it's cooked the gnocchi dumplings float at the top of the water. Once cooked, simply drain and then add the pesto, spinach and tomatoes and mix up before serving. You can add some cheese if you like, it's totally up to you. And that's it! In under 5 minutes you have a delicious hot meal that's healthy and doesn't cost a bomb.

 In total all the ingredients cost £3.95, which when you think that will do 2 gnocchi meals, plus being able to use a jar of pesto over quite some time and the spinach and tomatoes can be used in different ways as well, it's really quite a cost effective meal. 

Hope you enjoy trying this recipe out! What do you think of the student meal mini series, let me know in the comments please. 

Em x

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