School Bag Beauty Essentials

When I was in school lots of girls took their entire make up bags with them - complete with bright eyeshadow palettes and glitter liner that clearly weren't going to be used at all. I narrowed my beauty essentials down to just a few bits and pieces that look up minimal space and could stay in my bag all the time so I'd never forget them.

First up is a mini deodorant. You want to be staying fresh for the whole day, and so sometimes a little top up is needed - especially if you're playing sports that day. I love this watermelon scented one from Soft and Gentle because it smells delicious, it's in a handy compressed can and as the brand name suggests it's very gentle on your underarm skin - which is great if you like to shave or have sensitive skin.

Along a similar line of freshening up, I carried a dinky little perfume or body mist. A quick little refresh of scent really helped to boost my confidence in school, and of course you'll smell delicious! This one from Benefit in Ring My Bella smells so floral and fruity, and is applied by tipping the bottle against your skin so the scent is really long lasting.

 I always get a shiny T-Zone during the day, and powder is pretty much the only face makeup I touch up throughout the day. I love the Bourjois Healthy Balance powder because it doesn't cake when reapplied, and the compact has a handy mirror too! My favourite powder brush is the ecoTools blush brush because it's so soft and doesn't take up much space, however a travel 'capped' brush could be cleaner.

I always have spare hair bobbles and grips to hand. You just never know when you're going to want to get your hair out of your face, or have to have it pulled back for a surprise chemistry experiment. My favourite hair bobbles are from Scunci as they're metal free so they don't kink or snag hair.

And my final school bag beauty essential is a good lip balm. Dry lips are so annoying, and so having some to hand at all times is a must for me! I love the M&S cherry lip butter, as it's in a handy tube for easy application, smells delicious, and has a pinky tinted glossy finish to it - a real multitasker for school!

Hopefully these essentials will be of help to you going back to school, or even for college or university.

What are your school bag beauty essentials? Any thing I've missed?

Em x

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