Tips For Decorating Your Uni Room

It's the start of a new academic year, meaning a new university house and another bedroom to decorate and make homely. I thought I'd share some times on how I like to decorate my room and where I buy things from. Of course even if you're not at university or college but just want to spruce up your room at home then hopefully this post will be helpful.

This year my room is purple and white so it's been really easy for me to decide what kind of 'theme' I wanted. I really like pastel colours and as the room is lovely and bright so it suits it all well. I like to have little bits and pieces from my room at home to make it really homely, as well as having some new things so that it feels different and doesn't make me too homesick.

I personally buy my bedding and cushions from Primark simply because they're cheap and I like the designs. Although lots of the larger supermarkets like Asda and Sainsbury's also have some really nice bedding.

As you can see I have two notice boards, the one on the wall I like to cover with photos and postcards and just little things that remind me of home or the summer. I have some quote postcards from Paperchase because they're so cute and I just couldn't resist them! All my photos I print from the app FreePrints, which I honestly can't recommend enough. You only pay for postage of your photos but they're really good quality, and much cheaper than other photo printing services.  

I love flowers so when I saw these cute bunches of roses in The Range I thought they'd be perfect to brighten up my room, and also they double up as blog photo props! I like to keep my desk space fairly clear for work and things, but a few little decorations really add a nice touch I feel. 

I use the top of my chest of draws as a makeup station/dressing table. I like to use trays and little baskets to keep everything all together and to stop it from rolling about the place. Supermarkets, Wilkos and The Range are great for picking up little pieces like these.

At home I love having scented candles lit, but if that's not allowed in your halls or house then I really recommend reed diffusers and scented room sprays for flame free room scent. And these can often be picked out quite cheaply, I think Primark have some lovely ones for only £1.

Another thing I really like is fairy lights, I have two strings of them and a little light up blossom tree as well. They add lots of cosiness and can be put anywhere, especially if you have battery operated ones. Not sure how much you can tell from the photos but I have some above my bed and my desk.

How have you decorated your uni room, or how do you plan on having it?

Em x

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