I have a camera! Nikon Coolpix S9900

My blog photos aren't the best quality and that's because I've always used my iPhone to take pictures. It's been so convenient to use, especially as I didn't have a camera that matched or bettered the quality. I was treated and spoilt by my lovely boyfriend who brought me the Nikon Coolpix S9900 as an anniversary and early Christmas gift, knowing it's the camera I've wanted for a really long time. I'm so grateful to him for treating me to it, and the camera itself certainly hasn't disappointed.

The camera has a lot of features that you'd expect from a fairly compact point and shoot style camera, but it also has some nifty features that really drew me to this camera. Firstly it has a 30x optical zoom which it amazing and really helps to get some beautiful shots of detail even from a distance. It also has a vari-angle LCD screen which just makes so many things so much easier, including a high quality selfie and capturing moments from higher or lower viewpoints. The wifi connectivity means it's super quick and easy to have camera images ready to post online at all times, and as the camera has a built in GPS it can track where you've taken each image. I really like that feature just out and about where I live, but I can imagine it would be a real added extra when traveling or something similar.

I haven't used or even worked out all of the added extras but I'm really enjoying getting into photography again. An iPhone is handy for unexpected shots, but I love having a camera to get higher quality images and of course photograph things for my blog. This post here from last week shows the first pictures I took on the camera if you're interested in seeing them.

What do you use to take photos? Do you have a preference over mobile phones or cameras?

Em x

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