Cold Weather Skin Saviours

Winter is fast approaching, it's probably technically already started but I like to hold on to Autumn for as long as possible. Cold weather always batters my skin, and so I have some handy products to keep my skin soft, moisturised and supple over the winter months.

In the morning, I layer the Superdrug Vitamin E Moisture Surge serum under my favourite moisturiser from the same range. I talk about the moisturiser here and whilst it's lovely and thick and hydrating, I find that a little something extra in the form of a super moisturising serum does the trick at adding more moisture and softness to my face without having to try and find a whole new moisturiser.

In the evening for skincare I go for something a little different. I layer the Superdrug Vitamin E face oil under the Superdrug Vitamin E leave on mask. Together they create a perfectly hydrating layer that sinks in overnight and does it's magic whilst I'm sleeping. I was a little weary of using an oil on my face, but it really does work wonders. And the high concentration of moisture really helps to combat dry skin.

Lips can really suffer with harsh winds and cold temperatures but the Nspa Nipple Balm has completely solved that for me. Before you think that I'm pregnant or breastfeeding or whatever, I'm not it's just that nipple balm makes the most amazing lip balm. Nipple balms are lanolin balms that tend to be pretty multipurpose at adding some super hydration to really dry and sore skin. You could use something like the Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream but that is pretty pricey, and always out of my budget. It's similar with the Dr Lip Nipple Balm for lips, but at £11 for a really tiny tube it's not the most affordable of products. The one from the Nspa range at Asda is a mere £5 for a large tube and is often on roll back - bonus!

Hand cream is a bag and desk staple for me, but even more so in the winter, my hands get so dry and sore otherwise and it's not the prettiest of sights. I regularly slather on the Soap and Glory Hand Food when my hands feel dry or after washing them to give them some extra hydration. I really notice a difference when I use a thick hand cream, and of course the original Soap and Glory scent is delicious!

As you may know if you've read my October Favourites, I'm a sucker for body butter. And whilst I still love the cocoa one I talk about, towards December I love cracking out a Christmassy scent, and The Body Shop Glazed Apple body butter has to be a favourite. It smells divine, if you haven't had a sniff please do it's amazing! And it goes without saying that being from the Body Shop the body butter is really thick and buttery and makes my skin so super soft, it's definitely worth it.

What are your cold weather skin favourites?

Em x

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