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A while back I wrote my gratitude list, a list of things I'm grateful for and I thought I'd do a little festive version as there's so much for me to be thankful for this Christmas.

1. My family - starting out in a similar way to my previous gratitude list with my family. But I'm honestly so lucky and grateful to have a big family who tend to all get along meaning we can have lovely Christmases with lots of my family there which is one of the nicest things.

2. Generosity - I don't really expect anyone to buy me presents at all, I buy loads simply because I like buying gifts for people and seeing them open something that you've thought about, but when I am given gifts I'm so grateful to the people who do and how generous they are to buy me something that maybe I've wanted for a long time or a little something that made them think of me. Present giving is wonderful, and it's entirely down to people's generosity.

3. Food - I love Christmas food, and I'm so lucky that we have enough money to buy extra treats and have a delicious Christmas roast with plenty to go round. It's so nice to enjoy a big meal with loads of family and I'm so aware that not everyone is in the same position on Christmas Day which is so sad on such a wonderful day.

Of course there is more, there always is - but sometimes you don't always know what to be grateful for until you're looking back on the day. What are you grateful for this Christmas?

Em x

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