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I can't believe it's the last day of blogmas! Although I haven't been posting daily, I've really enjoyed posting lots of festive posts throughout December, and of course reading them! As it's Christmas Eve I thought I'd share some memories of Christmas past and some of the family traditions that I still love at 19.

As I mentioned in my Christmas tag post, my family are religious and so Church around Christmas time is a given. When I was younger we went to the Crib service in my village which once upon a time was telling the Christmas story in a way that was suitable for young children. Now all the young children are 16 or older it's a more informal service about the Christmas story and always makes me feel so festive.

In the evening on Christmas Eve my dad always reads The Night Before Christmas, more recently dressed in a weird nightgown and cap to get into character!

On Christmas morning we open our stockings on my mum and dad's bed, we've always done this and I hope we always do until we stop staying over for Christmas and have them over - but that's a long way away! We would always get little tangerines at the end of our stockings until one year my cousin managed to explode his tangerine everywhere, making a sticky crepe paper mess all over the bed. Other than that we don't open any other presents until later in the day.

Of course we always have Christmas turkey roast with all the trimmings, but we tend to have this later afternoon/early evening before playing some weird games that no one else seems to understand! We write a letter to Great Aunt Agatha, she doesn't actually exist but it's nice to have a name, leaving out all the adjectives and then go around the table saying words until it's complete and we're left with an often hilarious letter to read out. It's a bit like a round robin mad-libs.

Then later on in the evening we have a visit from PFC, that is someone dressed up as Father Christmas to give us one last present that he left in his sleigh. When we were younger it always our dad, and I never thought anything of the fact that every single year he'd be in the loo, on the phone or one of the other many excuses there were for him missing it. Now it tends to be my older brother who does the dressing up, occasionally with with an elf sister helper.

I hope you've enjoyed these memories and traditions of Christmases past, and I hope you've enjoyed blogmas!

Merry Christmas

Em x

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