25 Happy Things

My anxiety hasn't been the best and I've been feeling the January blues recently, so I challenged myself to come up with a list of 25 things that me happy. Documenting it online means I can always back to this and remind myself of the little things in life that really perk me up. Some of these are a little stereotypical I must admit, I'm also aware a lot of these things may seem a little materialistic, but they make me happy all the same.

1. My friends
2. My Family
3. My boyfriend, Ben
4. New makeup
5. A new body butter from the Body Shop
6. New stationery
7. New socks
8. Being cosy in bed reading
9. Making people I love proud
10. Warm, sunny days
11. Freshly baked bread
12. Getting into a bed of clean bedding
13. Learning new things
14. Blogging
15. Discovering amazing new recipes
16. Cherry blossom
17. Lambing season
18. Fairy lights
19. Fluffy, warm towels after hot showers
20. Painting my nails
21. Weddings
22. Receiving comments on blog posts, especially one's I feel really proud of
23. The blogging community
24. Being independent
25. Hummus, on pretty much everything

What makes you happy?

Em x

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