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I used to be very against eye shadow, and looking back it was because I wasn't using the right formula or primer causing some horrible creasing. Not to mention I didn't really know what suited me or how to even apply it properly. Now things have changed, and I'm obsessed with it - a makeup look isn't complete for me without some shadow, and I'm a real sucker for neutral palettes. I've picked out 3 of my favourites to share with you, and as a bonus they're all under £10.

Makeup Revolution Naked Chocolate Palette - £7.99

As you can see from the picture I haven't had this palette long, I received it for Christmas and I've used a lot since then. It's a palette I've seen and swatched and loved for so long but never got round to buying it, so I was thrilled to receive this and I've loved having a new palette to play around with. The shade range is beautiful, from shimmery highlight tones to darker shades perfect for building up a smokey look with. I feel with this is really versatile palette; the chocolatey scent and large and mirror are added bonuses that I really appreciate! Not to mention the pigmentation is amazing for the price, buttery finishes that are easily buildable and look stunning on the eye.

Top - Divine, Bottom - Milky

Collection Eyes Uncovered Palette in Nude - £3.99

This is my perfect everyday palette, it has all the right shades to create a beautiful nude eye with darker tones to smoke out a look for a more evening look. I love that this palette is a really good size for travelling with; not only does it have 6 shades ideal for everyday use but because it's just 6 shades and the packaging isn't too bulky. Admittedly the cardboard packaging isn't the sturdiest for travelling with, I've taken it around with me several times since I bought it and so far it's doing well. I do find that when putting the brush there's a fair amount of pick up which creates a little mess in the palette, this doesn't transfer when applied to the lids. All the shades give a creamy finish which just looks beautiful on the eyes, and there's very little creasing - especially when paired with a primer.

Top - Brown Sugar, Bottom - Biscuit

Maybelline The Nudes Palette - £9.99

This palette has such a variety of neutral tones and a decent mix of shimmery and matte shadows that it's difficult not to love it. I love that in one palette you get both warmer and cooler tones meaning that whatever neutral toned looked I feel like I've got something to achieve it with. I love that on the back there's a little guide to shadows that go together in duos, trios and quads which is so handy if you're new to eye shadow or are going for a different look and not too sure where to start. All the annoys me about this palette is that the shades don't have names, but that's just because I love eye shadow names! Again the pigmentation is beautiful, the shadows look so lovely on the eyes and creasing in minimum.

Top - 9, Bottom - 10

I love all of these palettes, and have them in constant rotation. If you're looking a new neutral palette I can highly recommend these, and who doesn't love the budget prices?!

Em x

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