Practicing Self Care

Practicing self care is important, and not just if you're suffering in some way. It's so important to take time for yourself, to appreciate yourself and look after yourself - there's only one of you after all. I have to admit that I'm mostly really bad at doing this, but recently I've started getting into it a bit more so I thought I'd share my hints and tips as well as self care ideas.

Have a pamper session 

Use a nice face mask, maybe a hair mask too. Paint your nails, have a bath with a new bath bomb or bubble bath. Give yourself a DIY facial to really relax yourself. 

Get creative 

Draw, colour, write, photograph, scrapbook. Whatever takes your fancy, getting creative can be a really good source of self care as oten work and school life doesn't allow to use those creative juices. I keep a journal where I can combine writing, scrapbooking and drawing all in one. 


Books, blogs, magazines - it doesn't matter what but reading is really good way to relax yourself. When relaxing I like to read books or ebooks on my kindle, I find that because I read blogs everyday they don't always relax me in quite the same way. I do love treating myself to a glossy magazine too, which I love reading whilst waiting for nails to dry. 

Take time over appearance

This one really does depend on personal preference, but I like to take care over how I look for myself which I see as a really great from of self care. Some may not, but I really enjoy taking extra time to do my hair and makeup just to give myself a little self confidence boost. 

Self care isn't all about giving yourself a break and a treat each week, it's also about the little things. I find that the little things are the self care that I really need to force myself to practice when I'm feeling anxious or low to keep myself to a routine. 


This is gross but when I feel rubbish getting up and showering can seem like the biggest task in the world, but actually forcing myself up and showering really does make the world of difference. And if it doesn't at least it forces me to not just stay in bed all day. 

Take medication 

Recently I've become notoriously bad at taking my medication, which is so bad. I have multiple reminders set on my phone to keep reminding myself to take it, which does work if you have the same issue. I feel so much better when I actually take my medication like I'm meant to and I think it's an underrated part of self care. 

Eat properly 

Cook something tasty, preferably something healthy. Your body will thank you for it. I've got into a habit of skipping breakfast, having toast for lunch and then a crappy dinner of whatever is easiest to grab and eat. It makes me feel so sluggish and actually cooking a meal is so much better for you, not to mention it being better for your skin, hair and nails to get vitamins and nourish your body.

Tidy surroundings 

Nothing will make you feel better than cleaning the dishes that are piling up, changing your bed sheets that are in desperate need of changing and tidying up your room that's collecting dust.

Hope these help you to give yourself a little you time as well as things that will make you feel better when you need brutally honesty self care for those down days where you don't want to leave the house.

What do you do to practice self care?

Em x

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