Bedside Beauty

Rather than a full night time skincare routine, these products are items that live by my bed and get used every single night without fail - and I love them all!

Sally Hansen Cuticle Balm - £7.95 at Boots

This balm firstly smells so delicious - white tea and cucumber, and is perfect for night time use to really add some extra moisture to your cuticles. I find that using this at night means that throughout the night my cuticles are getting softer, and I notice a much nicer appearance come morning

Soap and Glory Hand Food - £5.50 at Boots

I feel like everyone and their cat raves about this hand cream, even my Grandma loves it, and it really is worth it. Deliciously scented, thick yet not greasy and adds so much moisture and protection to dry hands overnight.

Made Cosmetics Pear Lip Balm - £2.20 at Sally's (not online)

So unfortunately this isn't available online, however if you can get to a Sally's store I can guarantee this will be worth it. It has a beautiful scent, that does last on the lips for a moment but not too long, and the balm is wonderfully thick and soothing on dry and chapped lips. Not so thick that it feels uncomfortable and I love using this during the day too, however I slather it on overnight and wake up with super soft lips.

Avon Sleeptherapy Restful Night Balm - no longer available

Sorry to include something that's not available any more, but this stuff is amazing and I'm sure there are other brands out there. I've had this for a while and it's still going strong! Like a pillow spray but in a balmy form to rub onto your temples and other pulse points like your wrist. I find that the soft lavender scent is really calming and really helps me to relax before falling asleep. This by no means makes me fall asleep, but it really helps to calm and relax me before drifting off.

So there you go, the products by my bed that I constantly use at bedtime.

What are your bedtime beauty favourites?

Em x

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