What's In My Bag | Uni Edition

I love these kinds of posts, however old school they may seem. Maybe it's because I'm nosey, but I love seeing what people carry round with them, and as I don't really carry anything too interesting on a daily basis, I thought I'd talk about what's in my uni bag.

So firstly the bag in question is this beautiful black backpack from Accessorise. I actually got this as a gift for Christmas, but it's the perfect bag for uni. I find that a handbag just gets too heavy for one shoulder, whereas with a backpack the weight is even and this black leather look one still looks stylish and goes with  nearly everything. Unfortunately I can't find this exact one online, and I don't know the name of the style, but this one is also really nice and quite similar.

Firstly. the lecture essentials; paper and pencil case. I like to use narrow ruled paper, can't remember why or how I got into it but I just prefer this now. I feel like it makes my writing look neater haha. I have a little pencil case that I keep biros, a pen drive and a couple of highlighters in. My personal favourite biros to write with are the Bic ones.

I always keeps two magnifiers with me as well. I have a handheld one that I use for reading and such, and a telescope style one for further distances, notices and the like. In uni I find that I mainly use the one for reading, but it's useful to keep them both together just in case.

My purse is essential, I keep my student card in there which I need to take books out the library and just in case I need or want to buy something, coffee really helps when a 9am lecture is dragging. My purse is actually a January sale purchase, and I love it. It's the Selma Dropdown purse from Fiorelli and I'm so pleased that I managed to get it for £20. Obviously being Fiorelli it's really soft leather and good quality, also just the right size to have in a small bag or a larger bag.

Next is more beauty related things. I have the Chloe parfums pouch/makeup bag that I got with a perfume for my birthday last year, and it's just the perfect size to keep a small amount of products all together in my bag. Firstly I have hand cream, my hands get really dry especially the winter, and so a thick cream it essential. I love Hand Food from Soap and Glory. Whilst I use it less, hand sanitiser is always handy to have. This orangey scented one from The Body Shop is wonderful as you don't get that horrible alcohol gel smell. Lip balm is another essential for me. I tend not to wear lipstick to classes, but no one likes chapped dry lips so lip balm is a saviour. This Blistex one is great for the wintery months. I have a little Clinique compact too, it's mainly for the mirror and there is only a tiny bit of powder left, but it's useful in an emergency if I'm not wearing makeup and my face looks too shiny, or if I forget to pop one in the bag in the morning.

Things that aren't pictured are things like my keys, my phone, a bottle of water and a snack or packed lunch depending on my schedule that day.

What do you keep in your uni/school/work/college bag?

Em x

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