Healthy(ish) Sweet Treats

I have a seriously sweet tooth, I just love sweet foods. And so trying to get the balance of healthy eating and still having sweet treats hasn't been easy. I thought I'd share a few ideas and tips that I've been using recently to stay healthy but still get my sweetness fix. What's more they all involve fruit, so you're getting your five a day too! 

A key ingredient in the sweet treat section of my cupboard is Sweet Freedom Choc Shot. This stuff simply is amazing! Liquid chocolate that you can make in hot chocolate, create a little dipping sauce or go crazy and drizzle over your porridge. Plus at only 14 calories per teaspoon, and being dairy free, it's the perfect way to give yourself a chocolately treat without the calories. 

Using choc shot as a dipping sauce is exactly what I've been doing! For a quick snack or treat, a drizzle of the liquidy goodness over a tangerine, berries or apple slices is delicious. I like to use fruits that are naturally quite sweet and juicy and it honestly does fix my sweet cravings. 

Even fruit on it's own can really fix my sweet tooth problems. Grapes and strawberries in particular are sweet and delicious, so perfect for a mid afternoon fix but in a healthy way, instead of grabbing cookies.  

My final sweet treat is the perfect dessert for any banoffee pie lovers out there. First I take one of the giant caramel snack-a-jacks, and top it with chopped banana. Sometimes I'll use a whole one or just half, depending on the size and how well the slices stay on! For an extra little finish I drizzle a little of the choc shot over the top and it's done - banoffee crunch I like to call it! This really does taste like I've having a dessert, but it's healthy and dairy free so I can actually eat it.

What are you favourite healthier sweet treats?

Em x

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