20 Things in Almost 20 Years

Tomorrow I turn 20, and I like to think that throughout my childhood and teenage years I've learnt a fair few things. Aside from school and that all important pythagasaurus theorem which I still haven't used since GCSE, I've been through various struggles which I've learnt from. So I thought I'd share the important tips I've learnt over the years.

1. Friendships come and go
2. Girls can be hugely catty  
3. My school years weren't my happiest, and that's okay 
4. Always chase your dreams
5. Looking back, not asking for help is foolish 
6. Friends are great, but so is time spent alone 
7. My mum will always be my best friend, despite how troublesome I was
8. The stress I put myself under wasn't worth it 
9. Magazines and social media are so often full of completely unachievable goals, don't adhere to them
10. Happiness starts with yourself
11. Don't rely on people who couldn't care less 
12. You don't have to have planned your life choices out by 14 
13. Friends in school may not be friends for life 
14. Happiness is key, always
15. Peer pressure is just disgusting
16. Never change yourself for anyone but yourself 
17. Families can be difficult, but their love is unconditional 
18. Things do get better 
19. Hard work pays off 
20. I grew up too fast, and it's my only regret to date 

Whilst growing up there was always such a huge emphasis on school years being your happiest, your best friend at 9 being your best friend for life, and fitting in with the cool kids. But in reality none of that really matters. I've learnt a lot growing up, and I know a lot of people who say they'd love to relive being 13 and with little worries, but for me I'm perfectly happy right now.

What things have you learnt over the years of growing up?

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