Bullet Journalling

Bullet journals have recently been taking the blogosphere by storm, with the pretty designs, organisation and washi tape all rolled into one, they are a stationery lovers dream. I started mine way back in September last year after I wanted to get more organised for the new academic year. Since then I've discovered what I like and don't like, and how I've personalised bullet journaling to suit me completely.  

For anyone who doesn't know, a bullet journal is basically a diary and to-do list all in one. You use bullets; squares, circles, stars, bullet points etc, to identify different sections to your daily plan and it's completely customisable.

Some people will have forward planners, spending trackers and other such dedicated pages, but I just have yearly goals, monthly goals, monthly reviews and daily planners in mine. I'm thinking of adding  a monthly planner too, especially as I have several plans over the summer I need to be keep track of.

The great thing about bullet journaling is that you can have yours exactly how you want it. So whereas I know several people will just use it as a to-do list journal, I like to use mine to add notes about my day or something that's happened too. It makes a really nice little memory book to look back on, especially as I've got into adding photographs and magazine cuttings too.

The notebook I use is a kraft journal from Paperchase, which I can't find online anywhere but I've seen it in shops so it's still being sold! I love this as it has an elastic over the cover, little pockets throughout the journal that I use for pictures I don't know where to put, and there's a mix of lined, plain and squared paper. When I started I had no idea what I'd prefer and so this is a great starting out bullet journal if you're unsure. I think I prefer the squared though, so when this one is full that's what I'll be on the lookout for.

Aside from a notebook, all you really need for a bullet journal is a pen. As you can see I like to add colour to mine, and so I use a mix of felt tips for headings and coloured fine liners for the actual writing. Although I do like using a plain black fine tipped uniball pen too.

The set of stampers I have I got from Tiger, and I just think they're fun to use for titles and just adding a little something different to a page.

As you can tell I love using washi tape too, it adds colour and pattern to a page, but also a bit of texture too. The ones I have are a collection of ones from amazon, Tiger and Paperchase.

Seeing so many intricate designs of bullet journals on tumblr and pintrest can see a little daunting, but you don't have to be particularly arty or amazing at calligraphy to make your journal look exactly how you want it to. Now I'll often use my black uniball pen for headings in a curvy font, underline it with a strip of washi tape to add colour and then use the coloured fine liners for my tasks, events, notes and reminders. Sometimes I'll use post-it notes, or scraps of paper if I want a page or section to have more texture to stand out.

Bullet journals are so easily customisable to suit you that mine has become a bit of a memory book and scrapbook over the months, as well as being the only thing that can keep me organised.

Have you tried bullet journaling?

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