Lambing Photo Diary

If you didn't know I actually live on a farm, have done nearly all my life. My favourite part of farm life are the sheep, especially lambing. I thought I'd share some pictures of our lambing season this year, not only are lambs really cute, I've seen several bloggers on Twitter expressing their love for the animal so why not share in lamby cuteness?! 

We bring the ewes into an open front barn for lambing, it's much easier to check on them all to see if a lamb needs helps and to keep mothers with babies.

The older lambs love to climb out into the yard to explore (it's fenced off so they can't get hurt) and on top of bales. 

They're so sweet, and especially watching them grow from hours old (above) to months old (below) and becoming much more excitable is almost rewarding. 

I definitely feel lucky to have grown up on a farm, and with beautiful lambs in the spring time.

Hope you have enjoyed this little post. I'm now posted every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday.

Em x

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