Veleza App Review

A couple of months ago I was asked if I'd be interesting in using a fairly new app for beauty lovers. Veleza is an app that creates a community of people who love beauty; be that makeup or skincare or anything else, to share product reviews and tips with others.

Once you've sign up to the app, which is easily done through Facebook, you can create posts about products, a wishlist, write reviews and add products you own to your virtual beauty shelf.

The discover section is where posts of people you follow and recommend users will be. They're mostly recommended through what you've liked and skin type, and I have to say I've found many products that I've loved using from there.

As well as creating posts, there is also a section to discuss products with other users. Whether this be through asking for recommendations or suggesting beauty tips that have worked wonders for you, this section is probably my favourite.

It's so useful when you want to ask for others suggestions, and it's usually faster than waiting for replies on Twitter.

Of course you can search for products to add to your wishlist, and what I love is that most products are also priced and with links to buy them too, which is super convenient and handy.

A new feature only added last week is a little 'scoring' system, you can earn points by commenting on posts and sharing tips. I'd say that it's not the be all and end all edition to the app, but it adds an extra little fun dimension and it's motivated me to comment more which has resulted in me finding me profiles to follow too.

Overall I really enjoy using Veleza, and highly recommend it to anyone. Whether you're a self confessed beauty junkie, or you're just getting started with skincare and makeup, the community on Veleza is the perfect place to find products and share tips.

This post was written in collaboration with Veleza, however all opinions are my own 

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