April Favourites

It's been said a lot, but I still can't believe that April is over. How is this year going so fast?! Anyway, I had a pretty good April, and I've been enjoying lots of things which I'm going to share; a mix of beauty, blogs and TV. 

It's not often that I have a favourite makeup brush. I tend to stick to the same ones and don't often purchase new ones to try. However my old foundation brush was getting a bit gross no matter how much I cleaned it so I thought it was time for a new one. I love using buffing brushes, so I picked up the Lottie London offering to give it a go. I have to say I'd only read a few reviews of Lottie London brushes, but considering it was quite cheap I thought can't really go wrong, and I've been loving it. It's a dense, flat top brush which is perfect for applying liquid foundation. It blends my makeup in perfectly, not soaking up too much product and giving a beautifully even finish. The brush itself has lovely soft bristles, and hasn't shed at all which for £7.99 is amazing.

Next beauty favourite I've been obsessed with is the prep 'n' protect Essie duo of the grow stronger base coat and good to go top coat. These two have changed up my at home manicure game. The base coat really has made a difference to how strong my nails are and stops nail staining, as well as being glossy for if I don't have enough time to properly paint my nails. The top coat is a quick drying coat which I really like, no one likes having to wait ages for a top coat to try, and it adds a beautiful glossy finish to my nails. These two have made my manicures last much longer too, which of course I really like! 

My last beauty favourite is a lipstick. I love me a good neutral, nude lip colour all year round, but come spring time I like to add more pinky tones into the mix too. I treated myself to the Clinique lip pop is Sugar Pop, and I've been loving it. It's a beautiful pinky nude that just works for an everyday look perfectly. I love the not quite matte finish that's super comfortable and lasts reasonably well too. 

I don't often include blogs or people as such in my favourites, my #FF tweets are a pretty good indication of favourite blogs of the week, but Hannah's blog has seriously been a favourite of the month. A mix of travel, student tips, lifestyle and blogger tips I've loved reading her posts.  

My final favourite of the month is period dramas. These are my favourite type of TV shows to watch, and the amount I've watched this month is quite a lot! First of all Home Fires which is on ITV has been amazing! I only found out about it at the end of March, and so ordered the first series online to watch which was so good, and I'm now completely obsessed with the second series. Based in the second world war, it follows the lives of women in the WI and what they were doing for the war effort and how war affected them. The next period drama I've been really into is Upstairs Downstairs. This was show on BBC a couple of years ago, and until recently it was on Netflix but it disappeared so I got the box set online. I think I'd watched both series in not that much longer than a week, it's so addictive. It's set in 1939 and follows the lives of a wealthy family and their servants. Kind of a like a 'modern' Downton Abbey, it's a really good watch if you're into that kind of show, and full of scandals that just adds to how addictive it is to watch.  

What have you been loving throughout April?

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