Testing Samples | Lancome Edition

With a recent purchase from Lancome, I was given a couple of samples from their new skincare range Energie de Vie. I've been using the products since then so I thought I'd share my thoughts on them, I've recently become hugely into skincare!! 

There are three products in the range; energie de vie liquid moisturiserenergie de vie pearly wake up lotion and energie de vie nuit sleeping mask. I've been trying out the liquid moisturiser and the sleeping mask, and I have to say it's love.

The liquid moisturiser really is liquidy! I was a bit worried about the consistency at first I have to admit, I was thinking how on earth will an almost watery moisturiser make my skin feel smooth and hydrated but it really does work. It has an almost serum-y feel to it, but it's so hydrating and lightweight that it just works. I have combination oily t-zone skin, and so the lightweight yet moisturising formula works perfect for me, but I feel that extremely dry skin may find this a little thin without a serum or the pearly wake up lotion used in conjunction. 

In the evening I've been using the sleeping mask as my night cream, which is suggested, and I love it. It's quite a thick yet light, almost whipped texture. It feels wonderful on the skin, as soon as you smooth it over your face you're just hit with instant hydration that feels beautiful. I wake up with soft skin, that looks refreshed and like I've had a great night 12 hour sleep. 

Both of the products have the same light fresh scent, which is undetectable once on the skin, but you may wish to bear that in mind if you'd like to try any of these. 

Out of the liquid moisturiser and the sleeping mask, I think my favourite is the mask. Whilst both of these hydrate and smooth my skin, leaving it looking really quite radiant, I just love how my skin looks in the morning after I've used the mask. I really recommend going into a store with a Lancome counter to just have a feel of the range on the back of your hand, because it's seriously amazing.

Have you tried any Lancome skincare?

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