7 Day Nature Photography Challenge

Nature noun - 'the phenomena of the physical world collectively, including plants, animals, the landscape, and other features and products of the earth, as opposed to humans or human creations'

A couple of weeks ago, the lovely Hannah tagged me to do the 7 day nature photography challenge. This couldn't have come at a better time for me as I was just about to head home to the Suffolk countryside for a few weeks.

I believe that the idea is that you take a photograph of nature every day for 7 days and then upload them daily, I've done it a littler differently, I'm collating all the images together for one post, and whilst a lot of the images are ones I've taken over the past few days, I've included some favourites of mine from previous years. Partly because I recently found the memory stick with all my photos on, and partly because until a few days ago winter in June descended upon us and I couldn't get any nice photos however hard I tried.

First up are these gorgeous alliums with a little bumble bee just in focus. Alliums are one of favourite flowers, I love that they look like pompom fireworks and they feel so satisfying to cup your hand over too! Fun fact, alliums are part of the onion family too.

I decided to add this picture into the mix because I love the texture in it. The mismatched shapes of that wood pieces, the bark around the edges; it's just rather satisfying to me.

Sheep are probably my favourite animal, which is helped by the fact that the family farm I call home is also home to a flock of Norfolk Horn sheep. I'm never that patient when it comes to photographing animals, and so I'm really pleased with this photo.

This was taken a few years ago, but it's an image I've always been proud of. Sounds silly, but I'm not good at taking photos of animals but this seemed to turn out perfectly for me. And that mirror reflection.

Again this was taken a few years ago at a beach called South Cove near where I live. I wanted to include it simply because I think it highlights really well that not everything in nature is beautiful flowers and cute little animals, there is a destructive side too.

Another favourite flower of mine is roses, and I love these peachy ones my mum grows in the garden.

And finally this last shot is a couple of ears of wheat growing in the fields, partly because I think it looks pretty cool, and partly because this is what I've grown up around.

Instead of tagging specific bloggers to take to the challenge, I'm tagging any one who wants to do it - it would work on instagram and lots of other platforms too. Send me links if you've done this challenge, or indeed do the challenge!

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