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Way before I got into blogging, I loved reading blogs. It started with reading the blogs of youtubers, and then I started discovering bloggers on twitter and I've never looked back since. I can spend so much time reading blogs and discovering new blogs too. I love loads of blogs, but I thought I'd share the love and gather some of my absolute favourites with you.

Hannah Emily Lane

I recently discovered Hannah's blog, probably through hashtags on Twitter, but I seriously love it. Her writing is just so easy to read and has such a lovely tone to it which makes her blog posts feel like conversations. Not to mention her photography is stunning, there isn't a single post I've read that doesn't have beautiful images. I love her bullet journal posts, and weekly update series.

The Makeup Directory

Sally's blog is a must read for any beauty lover out there. I've added so many products to my wishlist because of her beauty posts, and I'm always feeling inspired to change up my makeup with her monthly makeup bag peeks.

Jasmine Talks Beauty

Jasmine's blog is another must read for beauty lovers, although I've been loving her travel posts surrounding her trip to New York - serious need to go to New York now! A lot of her posts feature some beautiful looking high end products, with stunning flat lays that I can only dream of, and not to mention Jasmine is such a lovely girl.

Shy Life Living

I'm not normally the biggest fan of fashion blogs, mainly because I feel like I don't always like to keep up with the latest trends, however it's impossible not to love Sophie's blog. Her style is so lovely, and always has insane outfit photography. I like that her blog is a mix of style, beauty and lifestyle too, always with such a wonderful writing style and photos. Style Snippets and Monthly Moments are some of my favourite posts simply because of how creative they are.

Thrifty Vintage Fashion

Nicole is simply a wonderful human. She's the blogger behind #SpeakUp, which aims to raise awareness of issues that teens and young people struggle with. Her blog features several personal posts, the most hilarious list posts I've read and lots about taboo topics. Nicole's passion for what she writes about really comes through in her blog, making for such easy reading whilst raising awareness of so many taboo issues.

British Beauty Addict

I think Emily's blog was amongst the first beauty blogs that I started reading and I simply love it. Of course it's another of my must reads for beauty lovers with reviews, routines and wishlists, it makes me want all the pretty things! Not to mention we share a love of nude lips.

Thumbelina Lillie

Megan's blog is fairly recent in my blogs I love list, but I seriously love it! A mix of beauty, life and food, there's a little something for everyone and her photography skills are simply dreamy. Megan's posts can convince me that I need just about everything, and she's working alongside Natural Collection which is just amazing.

Hope you've enjoyed reading about a handful of my favourite blogs, which blogs are you favourite? I'm always looking for more to read!

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