Taking time to practice mindfulness, being calm and properly thinking and switching off is so important for our minds, and not just if you suffer from a mental illness. We live is such a full on society where taking a break from staring at a computer screen is staring at a mobile screen. It's very rare that we spend time completely for ourselves, allowing our minds to wander and totally relax without screens and the constant outside world connection.

On your own it can be really difficult to fully disconnect from the world, I tend to just do that whilst I'm reading books, but even then I have my phone near by. What's really helped me is the Calm book.

The book is beautifully put together, with different sections to guide you through mindfulness and generally being calm. Each filled with quotes, little ideas for journaling, pictures and steps to becoming more mindful and calm. It allows you to explore living calmer and more mindfully in a creative way, and it's taught me that there is so much more to being mindful than may fist meet the eye.

 I thought that practicing mindfulness would help my anxiety, the anxiety and travel sections in Calm are so helpful for that, and whilst it has done just that, I've also found it to benefit my depression and general moods, as well as allowing me to be able to think more. Maybe because I'm thinking more effectively, but I just feel that I'm able to connect to myself and switch off from the fast paced world more.

I love using the Calm book to just be; there is something wonderful about sitting in the grass and following the nature mindfulness section without any technology.

This book has fast become a firm favourite that I'm sure to use time and time again, and I highly recommend it to all. Not just those who want to understand their minds better, but everyone.

Do you practice mindfulness?

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