Packing For a Mini Break

Confession time; I'm an overpacker. When it comes to me packing I think I'll need absolutely everything, and end up barely being able to lift my own suitcase. Considering this year I'm going on two mini break/long weekend trips I thought it would be the perfect time to perfect my packing for a short trip away. Tomorrow I'm heading to Paris for a kind of long weekend break, but it's not actually at the weekend because it's so much more expensive. Anyway, going for a couple of days means that in reality I shouldn't need to pack too much, leaving space for any shopping that may or may not happen. I've picked up a few tips and tricks for lighter packing for a weekend getaway this summer, and so here they are.

Planning and being organised is key when it comes to any kind of packing, but more so for a shorter break when you're more likely to be using smaller luggage and cabin sized bags.

So you'll know what time of year you're going, but I think it's still a good idea the check to weather before you start even thinking about what you might take. By all means pack an extra jumper just in case, but this way you shouldn't be too far out from having packed perfectly for the climate.

Once I've sorted what the weather should be like, I can start looking through my clothes and thinking about what I'd like to wear on holiday. I mostly go for comfortable outfits that still look stylish, and can be dressed up or down. Interchangeable pieces are really useful too, by simply taking a top that goes with several of your bottom half options means you have plenty of different looks without packing your entire wardrobe. Also if your garments can be dressed up for the evening but still look fairly casual during the day it's a bonus to me, it means less packing but also less changing! I think having more jewellery can help with changing up outfits, after all accessories can really make or break an outfit, especially when going out in the evening for drinks and meals.

Once I've decided on my clothing choices, I write everything down. This just helps to make sure I don't leave anything behind, but also it's then clear for me to see which items go with which if there isn't much clothes storage.

Makeup is where I mostly seem to go wrong. I pack way too much, more than I wear on a daily basis and have too much choice. This time I'm taking items I use on a daily basis, taking advantage of palettes that have both cheek and eye products in it, and limiting myself to three lip choices; a chubby stick balm, a matte liquid lipstick and my trusty everyday nude lipstick. If I was jetting of to a country with much hotter weather, I'd be thinking more carefully about my makeup choices - especially bases, but as the weather in Paris isn't going to be scorching I see no reason to not take my current daily makeup.

For toiletries I try to take minis were possible. Mostly I don't buy separate ones just because they can be so bloomin' pricey, and also my hair doesn't like having a cocktail of different products being used. Instead I opted for a travel set from Boots containing all the empty bottle I'll need which I can decant shampoo and cleanser into, without the worry of breakouts or hair nightmares.Taking the full sized bottles may be possible if not flying, but they take up so much space. Often if I get gift sets for Christmas or birthdays, I save up the minis for travelling which are great for shower gel and body butters. I like to also stick to a really simple skincare routine on holiday to really save packing quite so many bottles and tubes of lotions and potions. Products that can be used for day and night are another way to save space, and especially useful if you've got to stick to liquid restrictions.

Once you've organised all this you've pretty much just got to gather can charging cables you'll need, your handbag essentials and pack your list of everything you've packed into your suitcase. I'm pretty confident that this year I've got my packing down, but I guess only time will tell!

What are your tips for packing for mini breaks?

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