5 Things I've Read Recently

Things have been pretty hectic these past couple of weeks. I was packing up to move back to uni, and since being back although my classes haven't started it always takes a little bit of time to just get yourself back into the swing of things. Not to mention getting used to living in a new flat and working out how best to organise your space. Whilst it's so so lovely being back with all my friends, it's been nice to take some down time and finally catch up on some much needed blog posts. I've seen these kinds of posts before, sharing a few posts and articles that you'e enjoyed reading and I think they're such lovely ways of spreading a lil bit of a blog love.

Autumn Beauty Picks on Gemma Louise

I've loved Gemma's blog for quite a while now, her photography is just stunning! I always enjoy reading seasonal makeup posts, for the simple reason that I tend to jsut stick with the same products all year round, yet I'm trying to dable in a few more autumn shades this season. Gemma has put together so many good picks here, they all look beautiful and it's defintely making me reconsider my usual tones.

Embracing Hygge on Pint Sized Beauty

Sticking with the autumnal theme of things, I love the idea of hygge. I'd seen a few bloggers mentioning it on social media, but Lily's really sold it to me. I adore the idea of cosying up with blackets and hot beverages and just really apprecating being relaxed. With the darker nights drawing near, hygge is something I can defintely get on board with, and Lily's emergncy kit picks have gone straight on my wishlist!

Why Taking Antidepressants Does Not Make You Weak on Thrifty Vintage Fashion

I'm seriously so proud of Nicole for writing this. Despite it being 2016 there's still a huge stigma around mental illnesses, and opening up like this is definitely a step in the right direction for breaking that stigma down. I've been on antidepressants for several years, and at first it can be very to easy to fall into the trap of thinking you're weak. But in reality you're a badass human who's plucked up the courage to ask for some help. This post is full of advice, and the reminder that you're definitely not weak for taking medication.

The Jasmine Talks Beauty Top Shelf Products on Jasmine Talks Beauty

Jasmine's blog is another that I've enjoyed regularly reading for quite sometime now, there are always so many good product reccomendations and I'm mostly left with a wishlist as long as a piece of string. I haven't seen that many top shelf product posts before, but being as nosey as I am I loved it! It's so interesting to read about non-makeup beauty products that are high of their love lists. And of course I have a seriously indulgent body care wishlist!

The Autumnal Jacket You Need in Your Wardrobe on Cliona Hill

I don't really read that many fashion blogs mainly because I'm not often one to follow the latest fashion trends. But a more recent blog discovery for my has been Cliona's blog. The photography in her fashion posts is just wonderful, and I've found myself wanting to take a little more of the style trends on board. Something I'm sure it's clear that I love is autumn, and I'm all up for autumn layers and cosying up. The burgandy jacket featured in Cliona's post is beautiful, I absoesly love it althlough I'm not sure I could pull it off!

Hopefully you'll enjoy these posts as much as I did, be sure to leave me links to some of your favourite blog posts below.

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