Go-To Hair Routine

I've never really been one to do anything with my hair. It's straight, pretty boring and since I've been about 15 a ponytail or bun is my go to. For quite a while I had hair down to my waist, and the easiest thing to do with it was just put it up all the time. More recently I've been experimenting with different lengths, mostly opting for something a little shorter but still long enough to go up if needs must. With different haircuts and length, of course, comes some experimenting with different styles. I've been embracing my straight hair and trying out something a little different that I've completely fallen in love with. Don't get me wrong I still have days where my hair is up and out of the way, but I've really been enjoying this little routine for sleek hair that looks polished throughout the day with minimal effort.

I start off by double shampooing my hair using the Garnier Ultimate Blends Delicate Oat shampoo. This smells absolutely divine, creamy yet clean, I love it, and it doesn't irritate my scalp at all. I don't really use conventional conditioner anymore, hence why I double shampoo. My hair is naturally very soft and silky, and I found that using a traditional conditioner was just weight my hair down. Instead I opt for a leave in conditioner spray from Aussie, which I apply to lightly towel dried and brushed hair. This adds a little extra softness to my hair, whilst still being very lightweight on my hair. On the odd occasion that I do use a 'normal' conditioner, I use the matching one to the Garnier shampoo.

Next I really roughly blow dry my hair upside down, so it's semi-dry but mostly quite damp. This just adds a little volume and dries the underneath, before I flip my hair back to normal and part my hair slightly to the side. I fully blow dry my hair using the Denman Medium Hot Curl Thermoceramic brush. For a hairbrush to only use when blowdrying, this is pretty pricey but boy did it change my at home blow dry game! It makes my hair looks so much nicer when I've finished drying, and I can add a little extra volume by drying my hair away from the scalp and slightly under at the ends. Both of which make all the different with straight hair.

Once my hair is dry I spritz in some heat defence spray from TRESemme. Although my spray in conditioner has a certain amount of heat protectant in it, going in with a second heated hair tool I like to add a little more to avoid too much damage. I use the Irresistible Me Diamond hair tool* to gently bring the ends of my hair under slightly, there's a full how to which you can read here. I love how this makes my hair look, it looks much more polished and 'done' without needed a qualification in hairdressing. All that's left is to just spray it with a little hairspray to make sure it lasts all day, the Wella Silvikrin 2 or 3 hold is my favourite as my hair doesn't go all crispy and gross, yet it really holds my style in place, which considering my hair can fall flat with a gentle breeze is pretty impressive!

I've been doing this so much over the past month or so that it hardly takes any time at all and I just look and feel a lot more put together. Of course there are days where I still reach for the hair ties, but I like having a go-to routine that looks nice, yet takes very minimal effort.

Do you have a go-to hair routine?

* Irresistible Me very kindly sent me their diamond hair styler for review, however all opinions are my own

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