The Sunday Catch Up #3

I'm so happy that we've finally made it to September. August really isn't a favourite month for me, it often seems to drag rather, and I'm always ready for more Autumnal weather and that new start feeling. Autumn doesn't officially begin for another couple of weeks, but there's something about the transitional period of the start of the month that's so cosy. Not to mention that I find September to be another new year; I think that stems from back to school season and moving back to uni, but I really love that fresh start September brings.

To be fair, my end to August wasn't too bad. If you follow me on Instagram then you may have seen that I had a lovely Bank Holiday outing to Bressingham, which is a local garden and steam railway place. It's actually a rather interesting place, and I loved it as a child so it was nice to go back with my boyfriend and enjoy the sunshine. I also treated myself to a new lipstick, justified as needing a new lipstick for third year, oops.

Also this last week I went to the State Rooms at Buckingham Palace, which are just amazing. I had been before in 2011 when there was an exhibition of the wedding and wedding dress of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, their wedding was on my birthday and so my mum extended the celebrations and took me as kinda a final birthday present that year. This year the exhibition was for the Queen's 90th birthday, so I went for a girls trip with my mum and my older brother's girlfriend. 

It was honestly so amazing, I had heard that her wedding and coronation dresses which I was hugely excited to see, but there was so much more. All different outfits the Queen has worn for each decade of her life, there were so many stunning dresses and interesting information about design and how outfits are chosen for state visits and such. The State Rooms themselves are also hugely impressive, extremely ornate as you might expect, but still very tasteful and not over the top in a way. Well worth a visit if you love the Royal family like I do! Plus you can get your ticket validated for a year after your visit, so it's extremely good value for money. You can also have tea in the gardens there, I mean is there anything more British that a cup of tea and strawberries at Buckingham Palace?!

Right about now I'm so ready for September to get properly under way, and to have cold enough weather to wear cosy jumpers and boots. I've just got this week left until I move back to uni so I do want to make the most of it, although I'm sure it'll be filled mostly with packing.

How was your week been?

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