5 Things I Love About Autumn

Yes, I'm another of those bloggers who loves autumn, I always have. There's just something about the cold but not too cold, and beautiful colours that I've loved forever. Whilst it's currently freezing outside and winter is definitely attempting to make an appearance, I'm clinging onto autumn like there's no tomorrow with my 5 favourite things about the season.

1. The clothes. I love nothing more than snuggling into cosy jumpers and cardigans, I feel like autumn is the season where clothing can be as close to pyjamas as possible in terms of comfort and it's perfectly acceptable. This year, for possibly the first time ever, I've loved being wrapped up in a coat and scarf too, it's so nice when you're popping into the shops that it doesn't even matter what top you have one, throw on a big coat and snuggly scarf and you're good to go.

2. The colours. There's nothing nicer than seeing the leaves turn from green to golden and crunchy. Is there anything more satisfying than walking through a big pile of crunchy leaves? I think not. Not to mention a scattering of conkers.

3. The food. I'm very much a food person, and for me, autumn is all about steaming bowls of comfort food. Porridge in the mornings with more cinnamon that is probably socially accepted, bangers and mash...mm I just love it all! If you haven't tried the hot spiced apple from Costa, you are seriously missing out!

4. The fireworks. I've definitely gone from being one those children who hated fireworks to completely loving them. Granted bonfire night was perishing cold, but fireworks are so beautiful. I can never get any decent photographs to capture how stunning they look, but check out Nicole's instagram for some stunning photos.

5. The cosiness. With the evenings getting darker and colder, autumn really is a time to get your cosy on. Pjs, blankets, fairy lights, hot water bottles - the lot!

What are your favourite things about autumn?

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