Autumnal Pampering

Now that the evenings are darker and air is chillier, it's the perfect time cosy pamper nights and giving yourself some TLC. Fairy lights and cosy blankets are obviously essentials.

No pamper session would be complete without a face mask, and I for one am all about the detoxifying mud masks. They just feel so satisfying, and I love how clear and soft my skin feels afterwards. My favourite for the past few months has been the NSPA Skin Glow mud mask. Not only does this really cleanse my skin and draw out impurities, it really does perk my skin up and give it a much welcomed glow.

Another skin care product that helps with maximising a radiant look in the colder weather is The Body Shop Vitamin E Overnight Oil. This stuff is amazing, and makes my skin feel incredible the next day. After I've wash the face mask off, I pat this all over my skin allowing it to work it's magic overnight.

Autumn definitely when I wish I had a bath, bubble baths make for the best relaxing, especially in a dark evening. Lacking a bathtub, I like using a thick shower cream that feels lovely and creamy, with a comforting scent. I love Imperial Leather shower products, and the Vanilla and Almond Milk shower cream is perfect for making you feel like you're giving you skin a little treat, with a delicious scent and purse-friendly price tag.

Slathering my body with some kind of moisturiser is obviously an essential, and I like to stick with the warm and comforting scents. Autumn/winter for me is all about warming, comforting scents that are creamy, sweet and spicy. The Body Shop Vanilla Chai scent is exactly this, it's perfect for this time of year and smells incredible. I love the gel-lotion as it sinks into the skin really quickly but still keeps your skin really moisturised and smelling delicious for hours.

Once cosied up in pjs with a hot water bottle, I like to put on some TV, I'm really enjoying The Crown on Netflix and Ugly Betty right now, and paint my nails. Rather than burgundy tones, I'm all about the grey shades in autumn for my nails, a favourite being Essie's Chinchilly.

Lip scrubs are saviours at this time of year as my lips get so flipping dry. I'm pretty sure that Lush lip scrubs are a favourite amongst many, and I love the Mint Julips one - soft lips shall me mine!

These are definitely things I aim to do once a week, although most of them I treat myself to daily. Girl gotta pamper herself!

What are you favourite autumnal pamper products?

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