5 Things I Love About Christmas | 12 Days of Blogmas

Hello, my name's Emily and I'm a self-confessed Christmas addict. It's my favourite time of year, I get excited about getting excited about Christmas. For me, mid-November is the countdown to advent, and that's when things start to get really Christmassy. As it's blogmas, I'm sharing my top five favourite things about Christmas, as if I need to feel any more festive.

1. Decorations. Decorations at Christmas are just so pretty and sparkly I love it. I love the greens and the reds with silver and gold, and of course, there has to be a little glitter for the festive season. Not forgetting fairy lights - they're pretty much compulsory at Christmas! 

2. Family time. I'm from quite a big family, and so at Christmas I love nothing more than being able to see so many of my family again. I also love just being able to spend time with my parents and brothers when I come home from uni for the holidays, I hadn't been home for 3 months before this Christmas, and so just being at home makes me feel Christmassy some how.

3. Christmas trees. Okay so this kinda fits into decorations, but for me Christmas trees are in a category of their own. Firstly, it's gotta be a real tree. I do understand why people favour an artificial one, but nothing beats the real deal. Nothing beats the scent of a Christmas tree for the most festive scent. Secondly, they look so beautiful with lights and baubles. All of the baubles on our tree have a memory behind them, meaning it takes about 10 years to decorate the tree, but hearing the same stories about the bows my mum uses from her wedding is cute.

4. Traditions. In my family, traditions play a huge part in Christmas. We stick to a similar routine year in year out, and I love it. Christmas is about family, and having traditions that my family share makes me so happy. Especially as there are a lot of things I think my mum thought we'd all grow out of but we still love; I'm talking putting stockings on your head before you hang them up and reading The Night Before Christmas on Christmas Eve,

5. Giving presents. I absolutely love giving presents that you know people are going to love or have wanted for a while but can't justify getting themselves. It's such a nice feeling knowing that someone really appreciates what you've got them, and watching them open something they love is so special.

What are your favourite things about Christmas? 

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