Christmas and Commercialisation | 12 Days of Blogmas

I've shared the things I love about Christmas, and I do love Christmas. I've always been one of those children who was way too excited for Christmas and now I'm an adult who's way too excited for Christmas. But there's one thing that just gets on my nerves, and I have to say it's been growing as the years go by - commercialisation.

I completely get that shops and companies are going to take the festive season as an opportunity, after all, a majority of people celebrate Christmas and are going to be spending more than average at this time of year. Sometimes it's taken too far, and that's what gets me annoyed. Is it really necessary to have Christmas items displayed and for sale in October? And mince pies that go out of dates weeks before Christmas - seriously?!

I think it's sad how much this has all changed, even in my lifetime. It seems that gone are the days that the Christmas countdown starts in Advent, with shops bring out Christmas items much much sooner, and so people get whipped up into a festive frenzy much too soon in my opinion.

 Before Christmas is even over there are numerous sales, I can't imagine why anyone would want to go shopping on Boxing Day - it's just greed.

It just seems that nowadays Christmas is almost taken advantage of, and it's been made into a money making business. Everything seems to be about spending money, greed and who gets the most expensive gifts - completely losing sight of the fact that Christmas is a religious festival and should be spent with loved ones.

Apologies for what has turned into a rather ranty post, but sometimes you just need to get it off your chest! Does anyone else agree?

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