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As I've said many times before in these blogmas posts, I love Christmas with a passion. What's been especially is nice this year, is counting down the days with so much festive content to be catching up on. It's so nice to see how other people prepare for Christmas, and oh those gift guides are helpful! I've rounded up 6 of my favourite festive blog posts, just in case you're in need of any pre-Christmas Eve reading.

A Typical Middleton Christmas - katie-middleton.co.uk

If like me, you love having a nose into how other people do Christmas then this is the post for you! It's such a lovely account of how Katie and family spend Christmas, and like she says no two Christmasses are the same which is why I love these kinds of posts!

December Through My iPhone - milkbubbletea.com

I love these photo posts that Becky does as I think they capture what she's been up to in quite a relaxed way. This December one is super festive and full of such beautiful photography.

The A-Z of Christmas - Chapters of Kat

I love me a good list post, there's something about them that's quite satisfying, and I have seen the A-Z posts lurking about a few times, but never have I read a Christmas A-Z. It's such a lovely post to get you in the festive mood, quite a few of these I hadn't thought of at all.

Christmas and Mental Health - Thrifty Vintage Fashion

Whilst for a lot of people Christmas is full of happiness and excitement, it's also really important to remember those with mental illnesses this season. For several months I've really enjoyed Nicole's mental health posts, she writes in such a way that you know is filled with advice to take on board as well as personal experience. Not only is this post really helpful for anyone suffering with a mental illness, but also if you know you're going to spending Christmas with someone who does and want to just give a little helping hand.

A Peek Inside My Christmas Home - The Makeup Directory

One of the best things about Christmas in my opinion, is how pretty everything looks. I love all the decorations and seeing photos of what I consider to be my perfect Christmassy decorated homes. Sally's post sharing her Christmas home is exactly that, as always the photos are beautiful and I'm completely in love with her Christmas tree. Serious decoration goals right there.

2016 Christmas Makeup Releases That I've Been Loving - Cliona Hill

Cliona has such good taste in makeup, and that's probably half the reason I love this so much! If you're on the look out for treating yourself to any of the Christmas sets then this is well worth a read, really interesting to see what's been worth the money. Plus if you haven't been following her 25 Days of Festive Flatlays over on Instagram then you're missing out!!

Are there any festive posts I need to catch up on? Leave some links in the comments :)

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