Feeling Festive at Uni | 12 Days of Blogmas

In my family, Christmas is a big deal and so in my first year of university, I found it difficult to get into the festive feel during Advent, knowing I was away from the usual traditions of home. Chances are you've got deadlines looming, and the end of term is approaching much faster than you'd like with work piling up. Plus you've got to factor in any Christmas shopping and not wanting to feel like a total scrooge. Now I'm in my third and final year, I've come up with several hints and tips to getting myself feeling festive away from home, all of which can be on budget and will have you feeling festive in no time.

For me, getting into the festive mood starts with how my room looks. I try to get some Christmassy decorations and of course an advent calendar. I've got a picture on from last year I'm reusing which is so sweet, but any advent calendar is bound to have a festive picture on the front and looks instantly Christmassy. You can get a lot of decorations quite cheap from Wilko, Asda, and pound shops too, a few baubles look really pretty along a shelf if you don't have space for a tree. I'm a big lover of fairy lights all year round, but Christmas is the perfect excuse to get more. I love these really cute reindeer lights from Marks and Spencer.

Getting cosy with some cute Christmas jumpers and pjs always help to feel festive, especially when watching a film with Christmas lights. I love my Christmas pudding pj bottoms I got last year, and of course everything from my last blogmas post is an essential!

Christmas films and music are always great ways to not only unwind but also to keep you feeling festive. The Polar Express and Michael Buble's Christmas albums are winners in my eyes.

Another way that makes me feel ridiculously festive is just going out to the shops. In Canterbury, there's a huge Christmas tree and a little market which paired with a Costa Christmas drink is the perfect way to spend an evening. Also so many of the shops have Christmas sections which are the ideal places to get yourself in the festive spirit, and tackle some of that gift shopping too!

Finally, I think getting together and doing festive things with who you live with really helps. This year my flatmates and I have decorated our kitchen and living room with sparkly snowflakes, a little banner and even a tinsel tree. Plus we're having a Christmas meal and spending the evening watching Christmas films. Is there anything better?

Sometimes it can be a bit of a challenge to get excited for Christmas when you're away from home, especially if your family like mine take Christmas very seriously. Hopefully, these tips will get you feeling festive in no time! How do you get yourself feeling festive at uni?

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