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Nothing will make you feeling more festive than a bit of Christmas music. There are some great Christmassy songs, and some not so great, but they're guaranteed to make you feeling Christmassy, and it's always hard not to break into a little dance or song when you hear them. I've gathered my top favourites, as well as a few that have become traditions in my household, for my ultimate Christmas playlist.

First up everyone loves a bit of Michael Buble at Christmas, his Christmas album is probably one of my favourites ever, so how could I not include one of his festive renditions? The album has been on repeat pretty much since midnight on the first of December, but I adore his duet with Idina Menzel on Baby It's Cold Outside, it's just beautiful.

Considering Church is so important to me, especially around Christmas, I have many a favourite Christmas hymn. One I've loved ever since I was a child is Away in a Manager. I don't really know why I started liking it so much as a child, but it sounds so sweet that I love it.

Last Christmas by Wham! is a bit of a classic, and as much as I try to not like it, it's one of those songs that you really can't help but to sing along with.

My mum has several Christmas CDs that are played year in year out, one of those CDs has a song/sketch by Morecambe and Wise called The Happiest Christmas Of All. The two of them are absolutely hilarious, and if you've never watched any of their sketches I highly recommend, but this Christmassy themed one is particularly funny and has us all in stitches every time. I've found it on YouTube here, and seriously recommend you listen to it once - it's the most played Christmas song in the house.

Ending on a classic, with something a little more well known it's gotta be Let It Snow by Dean Martin. I can't remember it ever snowing at Christmas, occasionally at the start of December, but more likely mid-January, but even so, it's the classic Christmassy song that makes me feel so festive.

What are your favourite festive songs?

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